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Latest version (August 2012) Clean IT draft document:

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The internet plays a central role in and is of great strategic importance to terrorists and extremist networks. These networks know that propaganda is a critical tool for generating funding, recruits and support for their cause. Historically they have used a variety of media channels, such as television, radio and publishing, in order to communicate their views. During the past decade of huge global growth of the internet, Al Qaida-influenced extremists for example, have made increasing use of this medium. The internet and its fast and anonymous means of communication can contribute to individual radicalization processes. There are concerns about the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes and the abuse of legal / neutral websites. The question is if we can reduce the impact of the use of internet for terrorist purposes, without affecting our on-line freedom. A question this project tackles in a public-private dialogue.

The Clean IT project is carried out with the financial support of the European Commission’s Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme (Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security).

The project team is hosted at the Ministry of Security and Justice, National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism and Security, in the Netherlands.

“Internet companies should share data on cases of illegal, terrorist use of the Internet with each other, preferably in automated processes, using trusted partner companies.”


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