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  • Wordbooker update

    Version 2.1.32 29/05/13 Fixed a bug in the token auth swapping code. Version 2.1.31 18/05/13 Fix for quotes being mangled on some installs Adjustment to comment handling to hopefully avoid being tripped up by spam checkers Added option to use Post Excerpt as the Post […]

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  • WP to Twitter update

    2.6.9 Error with post_with_media check. All apologies. 2.6.8 Filter post_with_media to only handle posts with attached media. (WP Tweets PRO) Expose past and failed Tweets on edited posts when Tweeting edits disabled. 2.6.7 Fix tmhOAuth already exists issue. Bug fix: do not Tweet edits unless […]

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  • The road of tomorrow is electric

    The road of tomorrow is electric Consider a future where trucks and buses continuously are supplied with electric power without carrying large batteries. Instead, power lines are built into the surface of the road. This could be a future solution for long-distance trucks and buses […]

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