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  • Why companies must adopt the open source way

      The time of Open Source is coming. Even the New York Stock Exchange adopted open source solutions and whole Russian government IT infrastructure will migrate toward Linux-based OS until 2015. Free software is not the sign of being in a bad financial position. It […]

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  • Wordbooker 2.1.14

    Version 2.1.13  09/06/2012 Fixed a bug where the Schema 4 code was messing up the schema 5 changes Fixed a huge bug in how posting as a non Wordbooker configured user was working. Fixed problems with Facebook rejecting large images by forcing the plugin to […]

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  • WP to Twitter Version 2.4.8

    Last update August 9th Bug fix: #account# shortcode broken in 2.4.7 Bug fix: Missing function if WP Tweets PRO installed but not upgraded to 1.2.0 Download and more HERE

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