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  • GIMP 2.8 – GNU Image Manipulation Program

    GIMP 2.8 is the result of three years of hard work and collaborative development. This version of GIMP is equipped with a wealth of new features, including some highly requested ones (layer groups, on-canvas text editing, advanced brush dynamics and the much desired optional single-window mode). […]

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  • Version 5.1.2 of the NetBSD

    NetBSD is a free, fast, secure, and highly portable Unix-like Open Source operating system. It is available for a wide range of platforms, from large-scale servers and powerful desktop systems to handheld and embedded devices. Its clean design and advanced features make it excellent for […]

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  • OTRS Help Desk 3.1 and OTRS ITSM 3.1 with new Generic Interface

    OTRS is the world’s leading provider of open source Help Desk and ITSM solutions. The newest version of OTRS includes major enhancements that improve interconnectivity of the product with other data systems, and that improve the Agent and Administrator experience while using and configuring OTRS. […]

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  • Update for Debian 6.0: 6.0.5 released

    Update for Debian 6.0: 6.0.5 released The fifth update for Debian 6.0 (codenamed Squeeze) has been released. This update mainly adds corrections of security problems to the stable release, along with some adjustments for serious problems.

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  • Joomla 2.5.4

    New Features Added The following new features have been added, with links to the Feature tracker issue. Add option to show full CMS version number in generator tag Implementing Access levels for Content Languages Make the auto-update process more reliable across different hosts Security Issues […]

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  • Debian Administrator’s Handbook

    Raphaël Hertzog and Roland Mas are authors of Debian Administrator’s Handbook. The Handbook is now available in many formats (free to download or read on-line). This is translation of their French best-seller known as Cahier de l’admin Debian The book is great resource for all […]

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  • Available OS with WebAngel VPS

    Updated list of Operating Systems available with our VPS’s: Debian Debian with DTC panel CentOS NetBSD Xen HVM suse-11.1-x86-64 gentoo-amd64-10.1 fedora-amd64-9 slackware.13-0.amd64.20090904 gentoo-amd64-2008.0 ubuntu-amd64-10.04 mandriva-amd64-2009.0 suse-11.1-x86 gentoo2008.0-amd64 slackware.13-0.i386.20090904 elastix-centos5.2-i386 ubuntu-amd64-8.04 ubuntu-amd64-9.04 Listed OS’s are available but you always can use your operating system. If you […]

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  • Turn-key Linux Application list

    Updated list of turn-key linux applications: turnkey-otrs-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-domain-controller-11.1-lucid-x86″turnkey-domain-controller-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-drupal6-11.1-lucid-x86″turnkey-drupal6-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-mysql-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-roundup-11.1-lucid-x86″turnkey-roundup-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-redmine-11.1-lucid-x86″turnkey-redmine-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-joomla16-11.1-lucid-x86″turnkey-joomla16-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-movabletype-11.1-lucid-x86″turnkey-movabletype-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-moodle-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-appengine-11.1-lucid-x86″turnkey-appengine-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-deki-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-tomcat-apache-11.1-lucid-x86″turnkey-tomcat-apache-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) turnkey-statusnet-11.1-lucid-x86″turnkey-statusnet-11.1-lucid-x86 (applicance builder) […]

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  • Seamonkey 2.9.1

    As part of Mozilla’s ongoing stability and security update process, SeaMonkey 2.9.1 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as a free download SeaMonkey 2.9 released The SeaMonkey project is proud to present SeaMonkey 2.9: The new major release of the all-in-one Internet suite […]

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  • Banshee 2.4.0 release

    Banshee 2.4 has been released New Features: * DVD playback support Watch your DVDs with Banshee. You can navigate in the DVD's menus using the mouse or the keyboard. * More flexible browsing of your media You can now display the genres and years in […]

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