Safer Internet Day 2016: Play your part for a better internet

Today, millions of people in more than 100 countries in the EU and across the world are celebrating Safer Internet Day, to promote the safer and responsible use of technology among children and young people. From Iceland to Madagascar, from Uruguay to Kazakhstan, internet users of all ages, teachers, parents, policy makers and industry are joining in to play their part for a better internet.

One in three internet users are children and they spend more and more time on social media, playing online games or using mobile apps. Surfing the Internet brings thousands of exciting opportunities, but also risk exposing young people to threats like cyberbullying, hate speech or manipulative advertising. The emergence of new trends such as Internet of Toys, live streaming, and an increasingly converged media environment also bring new challenges. The aim of Safer Internet Day is to raise awareness of how to enjoy the online world in a secure and responsible way.

There are thousands of events in Europe and beyond which offer the chance for young people to learn what to check before sharing pictures on social media, how to react to privacy violations or where to report suspicious behaviour of other Internet users.

Get involved today!

  • Find out what’s happening via the interactive map
  • Follow the debate on Twitter make sure you keep an eye on the #SID2016 hashtag.
  • Show your support Safer internet day by pinning a unique badge on your profile picture on Twitter
  • Find resources to give tips and training to young people

A better internet for kids

Safer Internet Day a flagship event of the European Commission’s Better Internet for Kids strategy and helps to strengthen trust in the Digital Single Market. Safer Internet Day is organised by the pan-European network of Safer Internet Centres. The national Safer Internet Centres are interconnected through the Better Internet for Kids platform, which launched in autumn 2015. The Better Internet for Kids platform,  gives internet users of all ages access to a wealth of information, guidance and resources on better internet issues. The EU co-funds Safer Internet Centres and is supporting the Better Internet for Kids platform through its Connecting Europe Facility scheme

“Safer Internet Day is one of the highlights of our Better Internet for Kids strategy: what started in 2004 as a European event under the Safer Internet Programme has turned into a global celebration that reached more than 28 million people in Europe and 60 million users worldwide last year.” Gunther H. Oettinger