Wordbooker update

Version 2.1.32 29/05/13

  • Fixed a bug in the token auth swapping code.

Version 2.1.31 18/05/13

  • Fix for quotes being mangled on some installs
  • Adjustment to comment handling to hopefully avoid being tripped up by spam checkers
  • Added option to use Post Excerpt as the Post Attribute
  • Adjustment to the Tag Stripping and Content Parsing to better support the Canalplan AC Plugin.
  • Rebuild Facebook Authorise Button to work round undocumented removal of support of custom button by Facebook
  • Added up to date fb_ca_chain_bundle.crt file
  • Backported Session checking from 2.2
  • Change to Comment handling to handle FB returning different Comment IDs to the ones they actually store.

Version 2.1.30 01/04/13

  • Schema creation code fixed so that some installs don’t explode with a rogue Fatal Error
  • Added a Valid Access token check to hopefully reduce the number of errors being reported by the FB API.
  • Changed the Token Swapping process to take a server out of the loop which should help fix problems with some oddly configured hosts
  • Added a HTML entity decode to cope with some WordPress installs that do funky things with html entities in Post Titles.