Wordbooker Update

Version 2.1.23 27/10/2012

  • Fix problem with Editors publishing where designated wordbooker settings were being lost.
  • Minor change to refresh_token call again.
  • Add index on post_comments table.
  • Fix problem in DB upgrade process so changes roll forward properly.
  • Added option to control comment pulling pushing cut off dates rather than relying on the blog setting.
  • Recoded a couple of the comment handling queries to make things tighter.
  • Fixed a bug in the comment handling process which produced odd results on some installations.
  • Removed a pile of redundant diagnostic messages.
  • Fixed a problem with a couple of diagnostic messages during comment handling erroring.
  • Fix a missing function relating to comment deletion.
  • Fix an obscure problem with some installs failing with a unexpected T_VARIABLE error
  • Removed the “None” Option from the Action Links. Changed “Share” to use the built in FB Share option