Wordbooker 2.1.14

Version 2.1.13  09/06/2012

  • Fixed a bug where the Schema 4 code was messing up the schema 5 changes
  • Fixed a huge bug in how posting as a non Wordbooker configured user was working.
  • Fixed problems with Facebook rejecting large images by forcing the plugin to use the medium sized image if it could find it.
  • Limit caption field to 900 characters.. not that it should ever be that big.
  • Added support for translation of post title and post caption.
  • Added a check for undefined.undefined in shortened urls
  • Added support for translation of post attribute
  • Added a check to stop All in One Calendar events from taking the blog out due to a bug in the calendar code.
  • Removed the call to delete the stored session when the token is killed by Facebook. This stops the Status widgets from failing.
  • Added Japanese language files


Version 2.1.14  30/07/2012

  • Fixes a problem with Curl detection caused by FB changing things without telling people.