Hacker claims breach of 79 banks, releases customer data

Only a week after announcing retirement, Reckz0r releases customer data ostensibly culled from bank computers.

“I penetrated over 79 large banks, I’ve been targetting these banks since 3 months,” read a tweet from the Twitter account of Reckz0r. “Actually, I didn’t hacked VISA & Mastercard, I hacked the banks, #Chase..etc.”- such an information was to find on Twitter just week after Reckz0r announced retirement from hacking for fun and he said he will use “intelligence for good”.

As a proof of the bank penetration he released a file that contains names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers in plain text, but no credit card numbers.

A Pastebin post has a link to a downloadable file on the AnonFiles.com site that appears to have data from about 1,700 accounts in the U.S. and other cities around the world.

Reckz0r said only a portion of the credit card information is being leaked because there is just too much of it, and that the credit card numbers are being withheld.

From Duch media Report : 50 gigabytes of data and 113 pages is being leaked.