WP to Twitter Plugin Update

2.4.0 release

  • Bug fix/change: Twitter automatically shortens all URLs sent. As a result, all URLs are by definition 19 characters for the purpose of Tweeting. WP to Twitter now measures the value of the #url# tag as 19 characters, regardless of actual length.
  • Category limiting can now either mean “tweet checked categories” or “don’t tweet checked categories”.
  • Option to hide custom tweet box and options based on user roles.
  • User role permissions now support custom roles
  • Ability to determine the sequence in which fields are truncated or removed from Tweets if they exceed status length limits.
  • Replace cURL requirement with WP_HTTP wrapper.
  • Significant re-write of underlying code.
  • Redesign of settings pages.
  • Significant text revisions.
  • Release of WP Tweets Pro, a pro upgrade to WP to Twitter.