Drupal 7.14

Drupal 7.14 is now available, which contains bug fixes as well as fixes for security vulnerabilities from Drupal 7.13

Drupal 6.26, which fixes known bugs (no security issues) is also available for download.

Upgrading your existing Drupal 7 and 6 sites is strongly recommended. There are no new features in these releases.  Drupal 5 is no longer maintained.

changes since 7.13:

– Fixed “integrity constraint” fatal errors when rebuilding registry.
– Fixed custom logo and favicon functionality referencing incorrect paths.
– Fixed DB Case Sensitivity: Allow BINARY attribute in MySQL.
– Split field_bundle_settings out per bundle.
– Improve UX for machine names for fields (UI change).
– Fixed User pictures are not removed properly.
– Fixed HTTPS sessions not working in all cases.
– Fixed Regression: Required radios throw illegal choice error when none selected.
– Fixed allow autocompletion requests to include slashes.
– Eliminate $user->cache and {session}.cache in favor of $_SESSION[‘cache_expiration’][$bin] (Performance).
– Fixed focus jumps to tab when pressing enter on a form element within tab.
– Fixed race condition in locale() – duplicates in {locales_source}.
– Fixed Missing “Default image” per field instance.
– Quit clobbering people’s work when they click the filter tips link
– Form API #states: Fix conditionals to allow OR and XOR constructions.
– Fixed Focus jumps to tab when pressing enter on a form element within tab. (Accessibility)
– Improved performance of node_access queries.
– Fixed Fieldsets inside vertical tabs have no title and can’t be collapsed.
– Reduce size of cache_menu table (Performance).
– Fixed unnecessary aggregation of CSS/JS (Performance).
– Fixed taxonomy_autocomplete() produces SQL error for nonexistent field.
– Fixed HTML filter is not run first by default, despite default weight.
– Fixed Overlay does not work with prefixed URL paths.
– Better debug info for field errors (string change).
– Fixed Data corruption in comment IDs (results in broken threading on PostgreSQL).
– Fixed machine name not editable if every character is replaced.
– Fixed user picture not appearing in comment preview (Markup change).
– Added optional vid argument for taxonomy_get_term_by_name().
– Fixed Invalid Unicode code range in PREG_CLASS_UNICODE_WORD_BOUNDARY fails with PCRE 8.30.
– Fixed {trigger_assignments()}.hook has only 32 characters, is too short.
– Numerous fixes to run-tests.sh.
– Fixed Tests in profiles/[name]/modules cannot be run and cannot use a different profile for running tests.
– Numerous JavaScript performance fixes.
– Numerous documentation fixes.
– Fixed All pager links have an ‘active’ CSS class.
– Numerous upgrade path fixes; notably:
– system_update_7061() fails on inserting files with same name but different case.
– system_update_7061() converts filepaths too aggressively.
– Trigger upgrade path: Node triggers removed when upgrading to 7-x from 6.25.