European Commission slashes unnecessary burden for registering a car in another Member State

Each year about 3.5 million vehicles are moved to another EU country and need to be registered there what takes time (average 5 weeks) and costs for each vehicle around €400 for private users and for businesses. European Commission is acting to dramatically reduce this unnecessary administrative burden. For now the legislation represent a significant barrier to the free movement of goods, services and workers, and therefore for growth and jobs creation in Europe. The proposal presented by Vice-President Antonio Tajani would lead to a very substantial administrative simplification with total savings of at least € 1.5 billion per year for businesses, citizens and registration authorities. New registration will be limited: for example citizens who work in another EU country using a car registered by their employer will not need to re-register it and re-registration within the EU of cars, vans, buses and trucks will be greatly simplified, for example when moving residence from one EU country to another and when purchasing a second hand car from another EU country. It will also become impossible to register a stolen car in another EU country.
New rule will help rental companies as well. They will be able to transfer cars to another EU country during the holiday periods without re-registration. This is good news for tourists as it is expected that renting a car will become cheaper, once today’s proposal will be approved.

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