New I-Kitchen

Electrolux is pushing a revolution to the world of modern kitchens with the launch of its new Infinity I-Kitchen. Following the bold design found in the Infinity series, this new refrigerator brings high-end technology to your kitchen. It features a high-resolution touch panel with a clean user interface designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. From annotating a phone number to controlling its internal temperature, all the functionalities are just a finger touch away from you. This product has been developed in a joint effort between the Brazilian subsidiary of Electrolux and ProFUSION embedded systems.

Besides improving the services already provided, the new product leverages the usage of high technology to simplify user interaction. It’s possible to visualize basic information such as current time and external temperature as well as using several applications already built-in: notes, calendar, contacts, photos, tips and recipes. The Notes application avoids spreading the famous Post-it notes throughout the refrigerator all the while taking its functionality to a new level, marking messages as unread, reminding you of birthdays and appointments. Through Photos it’s possible to use your refrigerator as a digital photo frame and Recipes brings more than 600 recipes published by a famous Brazilian magazine.

These innovations were possible thanks to the use of opensource softwares like GNU/Linux and the EFL libraries. By uniting the strengths of Electrolux and ProFUSION, the platform was optimized to extract the most from the Freescale i.MX25 processor. All the modifications done in these opensource projects were sent to their respective communities and will also be available at Electrolux’s website.