6th May 2010: No Restrictions on Irish Airports today


6th May 2010: The Irish Aviation Authority has confirmed that restrictions have been lifted on all airports in the Republic of Ireland.

Following a review of the information and charts from Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, the Authority expects airports to remain open until further notice.

Winds are blowing the ash cloud away from Ireland and Europe and the volcanic ash is, today, higher in the atmosphere than in previous days and this may affect transatlantic flight paths but will not halt services.

The IAA will continue to monitor the Volcanic Ash Advise Centre charts to ensure that the current movements of the ash clouds don’t create any safety risks for passengers and crews flying in Irish air space.

Airline passengers should be alert to developments and check this website and the airline websites regularly for updates.

A further statement will be issued by the Irish Aviation Authority in the event of further restrictions being introduced in Irish controlled airspace.