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  • WP to Twitter – WordPress Plugin Update

    2.6.5 Whoops. I left in some debugging. Hurt me more than it hurt you… 2.6.4 Bug fix: sslverify=false to fix cURL issue. Bug fix: #@# and #author# reference tags did not always return correct results. Bug fix: charset retrieval incorrect Updated languages: French, Italian, German

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  • WP to Twitter update

    2.4.10 Bug fix: Error in truncation routine left tweets 2 characters too long when truncating. Change: minor tweak to administrative UI. Added: check of read-write status of application when posting.

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  • WP to Twitter Version 2.4.8

    Last update August 9th Bug fix: #account# shortcode broken in 2.4.7 Bug fix: Missing function if WP Tweets PRO installed but not upgraded to 1.2.0 Download and more HERE

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  • WordPress 3.4 “Green”

    This release includes significant improvements to theme customisation, custom headers, Twitter embeds, and image captions — here’s a short clip with the highlights: The biggest change in 3.4 is the theme customizer which allows users to play around with various looks and settings for your […]

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  • WP to Twitter update 2.4.3

    WP to Twitter update 2.4.3: Bug fix: In some cases, Administrators were not granted permissions to add custom tweets and other capability restricted tasks. MAJOR bug fix: broke an element of the authorization routine which caused an early exit out of posting to Twitter for […]

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