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  • WP to Twitter – WordPress Plugin Update

    2.6.5 Whoops. I left in some debugging. Hurt me more than it hurt you… 2.6.4 Bug fix: sslverify=false to fix cURL issue. Bug fix: #@# and #author# reference tags did not always return correct results. Bug fix: charset retrieval incorrect Updated languages: French, Italian, German

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  • WP to Twitter Plugin Update

    2.4.13 Issue if standard roles had been removed. Added option to hide account information in Tweets as a user profile setting. (If checked, return #account# as blank for that user.)

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  • Twitter Update: You can now add a Cover Photo to Your Twitter Profile

    On your twitter account you will be able to create your own personalized header image just like on Google+ or Facebook. With new twitter profile pages your avatar (profile picture) will now appear in the center of your header image. Because it is for PROFILE […]

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  • WP to Twitter update

    2.4.10 Bug fix: Error in truncation routine left tweets 2 characters too long when truncating. Change: minor tweak to administrative UI. Added: check of read-write status of application when posting.

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  • WP to Twitter Update

    2.4.9 Bug (notice) fix: undefined variable. Bug fix: url encoding on Retweet links Removed some functions providing upgrade support with older versions of WP to Twitter (pre OAuth) Fixed bug in WP Tweets PRO which broke archiving of past Tweets. (Requires WP Tweets PRO 1.2.1) […]

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  • WP to Twitter Version 2.4.8

    Last update August 9th Bug fix: #account# shortcode broken in 2.4.7 Bug fix: Missing function if WP Tweets PRO installed but not upgraded to 1.2.0 Download and more HERE

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  • WP to Twitter update 2.4.3

    WP to Twitter update 2.4.3: Bug fix: In some cases, Administrators were not granted permissions to add custom tweets and other capability restricted tasks. MAJOR bug fix: broke an element of the authorization routine which caused an early exit out of posting to Twitter for […]

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  • #SMEcommunity Dublin Meet Up

    Second #SMEcommunity Dublin Meet Up If you have your small business and are looking for people like you mark this event in your calendar: 17.11.2011  Time TBC (most likely after hours) – Arena House, Arena Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18 Click for directions:  Map

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