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  • Have your say on measures related to the end of roaming charges in the EU

    The Commission has just launched a public consultation to gather views on technical measures related to the end of roaming charges in the EU. The European Parliament completed the process of adoption of a new Regulation that will abolish roaming charges when travelling in the EU from 15th June 2017. […]

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  • Cybersecurity and privacy

    Web-based attacks in the EU and around the world increased by 36% during 2011. Unsurprisingly, security against online accidents and crime has become central to consumer confidence and the online economy. The European Union is promoting cyber security on a number of fronts. The EU’s […]

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  • EU seeks views on the Satellite and Cable Directive

    The European Commission is asking whether EU rules which define where and how satellite broadcasters and cable companies should clear copyright are up-to-date, in a public consultation launched today. It is also seeking views on the impact of extending these rules to cover broadcasters’ services […]

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  • eCall in all new cars from April 2018

    Today the European Parliament voted in favour of eCall regulation which requires all new cars be equipped with eCall technology from April 2018. In the event of a serious accident, eCall automatically dials 112 – Europe’s single emergency number. It communicates the vehicle’s exact location […]

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  • e-SENS: digitising government services across Europe

    Government services in Europe are being modernised and made accessible online for people and companies across borders in a large-scale project that could save society billions of euros over the coming years. An EU project aimed at connecting Europe better by digitising a range of […]

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  • EP endorses plan to free up frequencies for high-speed mobile internet

    Mobile internet is set to hit dizzying speeds after MEPs approved today a proposal to free up radio frequencies for their use. Under the plan member states will be required to open up more frequencies for high-speed mobile internet by 2013 to satisfy growing demand […]

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  • Django-High-level Python Web Framework

    Django makes it easier to build better Web apps more quickly and with less code. Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Developed by a fast-moving online-news operation, Django was designed to handle two challenges: the intensive […]

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